About CobaltChloride.net:

Our goal is to raise awareness about the use of this hazardous chemical in everyday products. We believe that people have the right to know, and should know, about what goes into the things they come into contact with everyday. This web site is an effort to bring together facts, information, and alternatives to Cobalt Chloride.

We welcome contributions to this site. If you have information, reports, or alternatives to products that contain Cobalt Chloride, please Contact Us.

Alternative products that are Cobalt Chloride FREE!

Blue Indicating Silica Gel (contains Cobalt Chlroide) being replaced with Cobalt Free Orange Indicating Silica Gel and sold by:


Humidity Indicator Cards that have blue dots that turn pink (contains Cobalt Chloride) being replaced with Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards with Orange or Yellow dots and sold by:

Like to contribute to this list of alternative products and places in which one can purchase them. Just e-mail us at: contribute@cobaltchloride.net